Global Power Derivatives Newsletter | October 2023
Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,
Welcome to our latest Global Power Derivatives newsletter.
Autumn is always busy here at EEX as we reconnect with our local communities in our key markets after the summer break. I was delighted that we met many of you across Europe and Japan over the last months – London, Copenhagen, Milan, Paris, Athens or Tokyo - and we are already looking forward to more opportunities for in-person chats and discussions.
On our power derivatives markets - it’s good news all around. After last year’s sluggish trading mood, we now register volume levels similar to those before the energy crisis and no signs of slowing down. By end of October, trading volumes in EEX’s European Power markets are up +42% on a year-on-year basis.
We are also delighted to see the continued development in Japan, where we just co-hosted the very first Japan Power Summit. Here we engaged with international and domestic experts to discuss the most important developments affecting this market.
In addition, we’ve also just announced the launch of a new energy exchange for the Brazilian market. We believe that markets across the globe can benefit from our decades-long expertise in building up markets from early stages. Energy exchanges play a vital role in ensuring transparent market pricing, and derivatives trading can be an essential tool for long-term risk management – all important aspects for our new markets.
In this Power Derivatives Market update, you can not only learn about how our global markets developed in recent months, but we’ll also report on the developments in our wider ecosystem and other asset classes.
Until next time,
Steffen Köhler
Our global presence - Q3 around the world
We were delighted to see that our annual London events were welcome by our local customers and partners. Following a panel discussion on the planned Electricity Market Reforms on both sides of the Channel, we held our London Reception with over 400 guests in attendance. Have a look at our London photo gallery
We also held successful workshops and events in Copenhagen and Athens over the last few months, strengthening bonds with our local trading communities.
EEX Group comes to Brazil - we teamed up with investment fund L4 VB, a company backed with funds of South America’s largest stock exchange B3, to launch N5X, a new energy exchange for the Brazilian market. Brazil is the sixth-largest consumer and the seventh largest producer of electricity in the world and in the process of electricity market liberalization. N5X will begin full operations in 2024 with the aim to improve liquidity, price transparency and risk management practices, in collaboration with the local trading community. To learn more, contact Dri Barbosa.
Last week, we co-hosted the Japan Power Summit in Tokyo with over 300 attendees and insightful panel discussions on the state and future of the Japanese power market. EEX has seen continued growth at trading levels in the first three years of operation and we are delighted to welcome both domestic and international participants to this market. In addition, Lacima ran an Energy Risk Management Workshop for 50+ members of the local trading and risk community. Visit our Japan Power site to learn more about this market.
In October, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first EEX trades on the Italian power market. We marked this at our recent traders' event in Milan, where we debated the current state of energy markets with the local community, over a glass or two of wine.
Market Update
In the third quarter of the year, we saw power derivatives trading volumes return to 2021 levels. For more details, watch our latest quarterly video update.
Our expert power derivatives team regularly publishes monthly updates on the markets we are present. To view the latest report, click here.
In Q3 2023, we welcomed numerous new customers to our Global Power Derivatives trading community, including:
Greenchoice B.V.
Nitor Energy A/S
MOL Commodity Trading Kft.
Brainchild Capital Investments B.V.


EU Energy Council reaches agreement
October marks an agreement between EU energy ministers on the European electricity market design. This means that the trialogue negotiations with the European Commission and the European Parliament can finally take off and closure of the file is still possible before the end of the year.
Although EEX is acknowledging that according to the Council, state backed, two-sided CfDs should not create undue distortions to competition and trade in the internal market, we remain very concerned about the risk they crowd out futures markets liquidity if Member States make extensive use of them.
We also reiterate the need to do a proper impact assessment before any decision is taken on the creation of regional virtual trading hubs.
Since its launch, Touchpoint has brought together all EEX asset classes in a single, intuitive, and easy-to-use trade registration platform. It provides a comprehensive range of trade registration and administration services and tools, allowing users to control all parts of the OTC trade workflow.
As we continue to evolve the platform, watch our how-to videos to learn more about the trade registration, risk management, analytics capabilities and beyond.
You can also arrange a 1-1 demo with Team Touchpoint: Richard Heath or Zhi Rui (Ray) Ang
Relevant, timely and insightful risk management are vital for energy and commodity markets, especially in volatile times such as what we have experienced in recent years. To help navigate such unpredictable market conditions, Lacima leverages the power of software to support the trading community to accurately understand portfolio value, value drivers and risk-reward profile.
Our Value-at-Risk (VaR) solutions can provide the essential in-depth insight into risk sources and drivers, coupled with stress testing, scenario analyses and beyond, to enable informed decisions on risk, hedging and portfolio management. To learn more about VaR solutions contact Lacima directly or see our website
Meet us
EEX Group Workshop | 2 November, Singapore
Frontier Economics Market Design series |
15 November, webinar
E-World | 20-24 February, Essen
Beyond Power Derivatives
In September, we launched our EEX Global Carbon Index Family, offering a comprehensive view into rapidly evolving global carbon markets.
We have been appointed by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy to develop and operate registry and auctioning services for biogas Guarantees of Origin (GOs), as well as registry services for biogas production certificates.
We've also announced our bespoke trading platform for hydrogen market, aimed to trade hydrogen and its derivatives such as ammonia, methanol and aviation fuel in a safe and liquid environment. Our first client at this auction platform is Hintco, a subsidiary of the H2Global Foundation.
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